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Sean Eubanks: Owner

Born in Cumberland MD, grew up in the Carolina's. Sean has been working in the automotive industry since 1983. Sean is bi-lingual and has lived and worked abroad. 


Raul Padilla: Master Mechanic

Raul was born in Ventura CA, he as been working cars since 1986. Raul is a graduate of Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix. He enjoys restoring classic cars in spare time, his specialty is classic Corvettes.   


Richard Kremske: Mechanic

Richard was born in San Antonio TX. He has been working on cars since he was "knee high to a grass hopper".

Richard was rodeo bull and bucking bronco rider. In his spare time Richard likes to work on old Chevy trucks, off-roading, hunting and fishing.


Tim Fiscus: Mechanic

Tim has been working on cars since 1996, He is a trained aviation mechanic. Tim enjoys fabrication and hot rod cars.